About Cari Ginger

My journey in jewelry making began in a New York city flea market. The beautiful vintage finds that surrounded me reminded me of my grandmother’s gems I coveted as a little girl. When she walked in a room, my grandmother dazzled. From her earrings to her slippers, she was always perfectly put together. She passed her love of jewelry and fearless sense of style on to me during the countless nights of playing dress up in her closet. As these memories came back to me that day in the flea market, I wondered how I could influence other women the way my grandmother influenced me. The idea of merging “old” with “new” would be the way for me to share my style with the world around me.

My love of jewelry has lead me to an everlasting love of clothing. I get great joy from guiding a client through the steps in organizing and revamping a wardrobe. When her feet finally slide into that perfect pair of shoes or her confidence becomes infectious after a glance in the mirror, I know that I have successfully passed on the direction my grandmother gave me. Putting outfits together can be incredibly overwhelming. I’m here to help.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and shopping for special pieces just as much as I enjoyed searching for these vintage finds and distinctive materials. I will be posting blogs regularly giving out my favorite websites, must-have finds, and styling ideas. Every day is a special occasion, never put away those show-stopping gems.


Love and light,


CEO/Lead designer of Cari Ginger

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